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Auckland Movers - Packing tips for "owner-packed" cartons.

As one of Auckland's leading movers to Australia - ausmove will provide you with a full packing service to take the stress out of your move, however if you would like to do it yourself, here are a few tips to help you get started....Please note that our pricing is inclusive of the supply of all cartons and packing material for furniture items and their subsequent wrapping and packing, as per our Quality Packing Page.

Where to start - prepare...

Start as early as possible – it will almost certainly take longer then anticipated.
Remember that moving is a good opportunity to sort through all your possessions. Separate items that can be given to charity groups or friends and family.
Get a hold of the right packing materials – news paper (and plenty of it), bubble wrap, string, scissors, cutting knife, valid or marker pens and lots of cardboard boxes.
If you have a multi-story house, start at the top of your house and move your way down.

Ok time to start packing…

Only pack one room at a time.
Line the boxes with several layers of newspaper and a layer of bubble wrap. Wrap all items individually placing heavier items at the bottom of the box and lighter objects at the top.
All valuables should be individually wrapped with newspaper or bubble wrap, be sure to tie up electrical cords or use rubber bands to prevent them getting tangled.
All clothing, linen, towels and draperies should be folded and neatly packed into clean boxes or dresser drawers.
We recommend mirrors, painting and marble items be wrapped and then crated.
For lamps and lampshades - remove the bulbs and shades, pack the lamps with linen or wrap separately and place in a new box. Shades should be wrapped in tissue and placed in large linen boxes.
Remove all fuel from power tools before packing, do not ship flammable fuel under any circumstance.
Clearly label every box as you go with its contents and the room to which it belongs. Be sure to label boxes that need extra care.
When your Ausmove removal truck arrives, it is also a good idea to ask us to keep all boxes belonging to the same room together. This will save much time when you arrive at the other end.

We recommended that you do not to ship the following items:

Any valuable and important documents such as birth and marriage certificates, family records, and documents etc. If you must ship these we recommend you pack all important documents such as in a fireproof box.
Any flammable liquids, solvents such as cleaning solutions or toxic chemicals.
Pressure spray cans such as deodorant or hair spray.
Valuable jewelry
Fire arms
Live plants or seeds
Alcohol (take in hand luggage only)