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Migrating to Australia - Related News

Please find below news items from various sources all about moving to Australia from New Zealand or news about what is happening in Australia that could effect your decision. We do all the searching so all you have to do is check back to see what has happened lately.

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Oz projects fuel demand for workers

From: NZ Heald, 16 March 2013

A shortage of engineers in fuel industries could be an opportunity for skilled Kiwis

Australian oil and gas projects are creating an increasing need for skilled labour, says the managing director of the Resource Channel, Jody Elliott.

The website is an employment news resource that tracks projects, reports on awarded contracts and gives employment-related advice and information.

Although science has identified the contribution that burning fossil fuels makes to climate change, oil and gas remain important sources of energy for the world, and there are no immediate alternatives on a large enough scale. So it is unlikely that these energy industries will experience the downturn that Australian mining went through last year.

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Australia govt helping ex-pat Kiwis into first home

From: Campbell Live, 11 February 2013

Australia-govt-helping-ex-pEven New Zealanders living in Australia are eligible for first home buyer grants.

As house prices around the country are once more on the increase and prices in Auckland hit record levels, the lack of action from authorities won't exactly be filling prospective first home buyers with hope.

In fact, New Zealand houses were recently rated as the world's third most unaffordbale, behind Hong Kong, and Australia.

At least in Australia, the authorities appear to be doing something.

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Discover Australia - Apps to Explore Every Corner

From: iTunes, 5 November 2012


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Oz KiwiSavers may get money early

From: NZ Herald, 12 October 2012

New Zealanders moving home from Australia will soon be able to access some of their retirement savings from the age of 60.

Legislation introduced in Australia yesterday will make it possible for people to transfer retirement savings across the Tasman, in either direction, from July next year.

Kiwis who have worked in Australia and made compulsory superannuation payments will be able to bring their savings across into a KiwiSaver scheme.

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Changing faces of the Oz brain drain

From: NZ Herald, 1 October 2012

Loss of skilled trades workers is threatening NZ with economic crisis, experts warn.

The face of the exodus to Australia is changing as skilled trade workers in their 20s replace young, well-educated Kiwis flocking to Australia.

Ten years ago, New Zealand was hit by a brain drain; now young tradespeople are chasing jobs and larger pay packets in Australia in a migration dubbed the "trades drain".

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