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Migrating to Australia - Related News

Please find below news items from various sources all about moving to Australia from New Zealand or news about what is happening in Australia that could effect your decision. We do all the searching so all you have to do is check back to see what has happened lately.

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NZ's biggest migrant loss since 2001

Published:  5 March 2012
Source: The New Zealand herald;objectid=10789918

New Zealand recorded its biggest loss of migrants in a 12-month period since August 2001, as kiwis continued to jump the ditch seeking a better standard of life and higher-paying jobs in Australia.

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Australia: prepare for the future - Gillard-style

Published:  01 Feb 2012

JULIA Gillard today will promise tax cuts to business which the Opposition yesterday said were too expensive to implement.


Mel B may move Down Under

Published:  28 Jan 2012
Source: TVNZ

Mel B is considering moving to Australia

The former Spice Girls singer "fell in love" with the country following her recent stint staying in Sydney while working as a judge on The X Factor and now that she is selling her Los Angeles home, she and husband Stephen Belafonte are thinking of permanently relocating Down Under with their children.

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Chasing the Australian dream

Published:  02 April 2011
Source: The Timaru Herald

Australia's wages are higher, but are expats really any better off?

After a four-year degree, surveyor Robert Rameka discovered he was earning the same amount of money as his brother who had left school for Australia to drive a forklift.

Krystal and Warwick Green left Hawke's Bay on a whim, took three days to find jobs in Queensland and are earning triple what they did in New Zealand. Now owners of their own home and with a baby on the way, they have no plans to return.

Even while studying fulltime, Chris Logan is left with an extra $100 a week in spending money in his pocket than he had while doing the same in Wellington.

With this week's revelations that Kiwi doctors are earning thousands of dollars for a weekend's work in Australia, the wage gap is again in the news.

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Better deal for Kiwis in Oz

Published:  28 Jan 2012
Source: The New Zealand Herald

Australia appears likely to bypass present blockages to clear a new way for New Zealanders to gain residency and citizenship across the Tasman.

Although details have yet to emerge, it seems likely that New Zealanders may be able to apply to become residents after a qualifying period, probably of several years.

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