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You’ve probably already heard about the amazing, sunshine-filled climate in Brisbane. But there’s more to this coastal city than just beach activities and pleasant weather.

The city of Brisbane is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, has a wide range of outdoor activities and an inclusive, international community. It is also home to one of the largest population of Kiwis in Australia so there’s definitely more to it than the appealing climate.

Brisbane has a rich history

The recorded history of Brisbane dates back to 1799 when Matthew Flinders explored the area on behalf of European colonisers. Years later, the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Thomas Brisbane, ordered the construction of a penal settlement in Brisbane for convicts from Sydney. The River Brisbane is named after him. The region was originally inhabited by indigenous Jagera and Turrbal peoples who called the region ‘Mianjin.’

Brisbane is one of the oldest cities in Australia and is the capital of Queensland. Today, it is home to a cosmopolitan community and is the most populated city in Queensland. One of its most distinctive features is the distinctive Queenslander architecture. Often called the gateway to the state of Queensland, it is a popular tourist destination.

Brisbane has a growing economy

Brisbane is close to Australia’s largest export markets (i.e. South Korea, China and Japan) which brings in a lot of opportunities. It also helps that Port of Brisbane is one of Australia’s largest growing container ports besides being Queensland’s largest general cargo port. Thanks to its friendly community and growing economy it is a popular destination for immigrants.

There are plenty of employment opportunities

The state of Queensland saw a rise of 7.6% in employment in the 5 year period leading up to November 2018. Brisbane makes up 51% of Queensland’s employment figures. According to information from Brisbane’s City Council, the top sectors of employment are healthcare and social assistance, and professional, scientific and technical services. The retail trade sector, education and training as well as construction also made it to the top five. Many jobs in these sectors are listed online and employers are often willing to conduct interviews online as well. If you’re considering relocating to Brisbane, getting a job would make matters much easier and you can attempt to do this from home in NZ.

A wealth of natural reserves, bushlands and forests to explore

Brisbane is rich in biodiversity and one of the highlights of this region is the Scenic Rim. It is a protected heritage site and visitors can explore lush forests, mountain ranges, valleys and waterfalls. It is only a 60-minute drive from the CBD and here you can do anything from going on a hike and rock climbing to even gliding.  

The Moreton island and North Stradbroke Island are amongst the world’s largest sand islands. 98% of Moreton Island is a National Park and there are some recreational activities that you can enjoy here. Camping (if permits are obtained beforehand), snorkelling, parasailing, dolphin feeding and whale watching are popular here. Both islands offer you a unique opportunity to see local marine life. These are just a few examples of the natural wonders that surround Brisbane. There are plenty of options for hikes, walks, camping and more.

You can cycle or kayak to work

Thanks to the climate, Brisbanites enjoy a wide range of outdoor recreational activities. The city has plenty of provisions for cyclists including cycles that can be rented and dedicated cycle lanes through the city. The Brisbane River runs through the city and you can also kayak on the river or enjoy a spot of stand-up paddle boarding (SUP).

It has a thriving art and culture scene

For your fill of art and culture, stroll down to the South Bank. This area has the Performing Arts Centre, the Gallery of Modern Art and the Powerhouse among others. The Gallery of Modern Art is the largest contemporary art gallery in Australia. The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts in Fortitude Valley often hosts art, music and dance festivals. Possibly the oldest in city, the Brisbane Arts Theatre has regular theatre for adults and children.

It’s a good place for education

The city has a large student population thanks to the educational institutions established here. The reputed University of Queensland, Griffith University and the Queensland University of Technology are both in located in Brisbane. TAFE (Technical and Further Education) colleges like the Brisbane North Institute of TAFE and the Southbank Institute of TAFE are also located in Brisbane.

The Parklands

The Parklands covers an area of about 17.5 hectares and has everything from lawns, eateries and a rainforest to a Nepalese Peace Pagoda. It also has an artificial beach and a 60-metre-high Ferris wheel called the Wheel of Brisbane. Australia Day celebrations are held here as well as a few other international festivals. The Parklands is very popular among residents, especially on weekends.

You can take your pick of housing

Young professionals, students and families enjoy living near the CBD in high-rise apartment buildings. As you head toward the suburbs, you will see more detached houses with gardens and some homes with traditional Queenslander architecture. Brisbane is well known for having housing options that are far more affordable than in Sydney or Melbourne.

It hosts several international sporting events

As the capital of Queensland and an important city in Australia, several significant world events are held here. The Commonwealth Games was held in Brisbane back in 1982 and then again in 2018, on the Gold Coast. Brisbane hosted the Goodwill Games in 2001 and the G-20 Summit in 2014.

It has a diverse food culture

There is no dearth of cafes, restaurants and pubs in the city of Brisbane. There is something to suit every budget from economical street food to seven-course fine dining. Thanks to the multicultural nature of the city’s population, you can take your pick of the wide range of cuisines made available to you. A unique Brisbane feature is the Eat Street Market on the Northshore. Here you will see dining hosted in large shipping containers.

There are a range of popular sports

The sports scene in Brisbane is usually dominated by the National Rugby League. The Broncos are a city favourite and on game day, it is not unusual to see groups dressed in maroon to show their support. Brisbane also has its own AFL (Australian Football League) team – the Brisbane Lions.

It has strict import and quarantine laws

Like the rest of Australia, it has strict rules when it comes to importing animals, pets or even unusual plants. So if you’re planning to bring the family pet over, remember to check these laws and take into account the quarantine period. Some breeds are banned from import.  

There are many things to do for free

If you’re on a budget and wondering what you can do in Brisbane on the smell of an oily rag, don’t worry. There’s plenty. The Streets Beach is a free, artificial beach constructed in a lagoon style. You can relax on the ‘beach’ or wade into the cool blue water for as long as you like.

On Friday nights, head over to the Powerhouse to watch Knockoff. It’s an hour long comedy show that begins at 6 pm. New Farm Park is a lovely place to just lie on the grass and watch the river go by. The general entry to the Queensland Museum is free of charge so you can spend a hot afternoon, safely indoors with plenty to see and learn.

Brisbane has a varied and lively music scene

Brisbane hosts Australia’s largest program for free and live music. Every week at the Queen Street Mall, local and touring bands perform on stage. The music scene in the city is constantly evolving and has a good set of serious local bands.  Nightclubs in Fortitude Valley often host live music and DJs from around the world.  Live music venues host bands that play anything from smooth jazz to Brooklyn style funk.

It has several historical buildings

The City Hall in Brisbane is on Australia’s list of top 10 heritage sites. It is considered to be the heart of Brisbane by many Brisbanites and it is an official symbol of the city. The Old Government House was the first building to be designed and built when the colony of Queensland was newly formed. Brisbane’s Breakfast Creek Hotel is an iconic watering hole and is famous across Queensland. It was built in 1889 in the French Renaissance style. There are plenty more historical buildings to explore in the city. The Brisbane Greeters will be happy to show you around if you sign up for their free service.


What time zone does Brisbane follow?

You can set your clock by Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). It does not switch to Daylight Savings Time and the IST is GMT +10 hours throughout the year.

What is the emergency number to call?

For emergency services, you can dial 000. This is the quickest way via phone to put you in contact with ambulance, fire and police services.

What are the common seaside activities in Brisbane?

Surfing has a huge fan base in Brisbane. With so many beaches in easy reach, you can take your pick of seaside activities - Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding, jet skiing, fishing and boating are also popular.  

Are the beaches dangerous?

Even the safest beach (anywhere in the world) is not safe 100% of the time. Undercurrents and rips in the water are hidden dangers so it’s best if you stick to beaches that are patrolled by lifeguards. They will have placed flags to mark safe areas of the water and you should stick to those boundaries. Remember to practice basic seaside precautions.

Can I find Koalas in Brisbane?

There are plenty of sanctuaries and wildlife reserves around Brisbane where you can encounter unique Australian wildlife. The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is one such place where you can see koalas. The Australia Zoo set up by Steve Irwin is also home to koala bears.   

What are people who live in Brisbane called?

Residents of Brisbane are often called ‘Brisbanites’

How far away from the city is the Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast is about an hour away and can be reached by car or public transport.

When does it rain in Brisbane?

The summer months are generally when Brisbane receives heavy rainfall. This is from December to February. This season is prone to storms that are often accompanied by lightning and thunder. Torrential rainfall can be expected. The rest of the year may see light showers.

What are the Brisbane Greeters?

The Brisbane Greeters offers new residents a free service to help them get to know the city. They organise walks around the city based on your interests.

How do I get around in Brisbane if I don’t have a car?

Brisbane has an excellent, integrated public transport system. Once you get a TransLink card, you can use it on ferries, buses and trains to navigate the city. The CBD is set out in a grid pattern which makes it easier to find your way.

There’s more to Brisbane than meets the eye

Brisbane has so much more to offer than its sunny climate. From art, theatre and music to sports and outdoor activities, it is a city that has something for everyone. Students, young professionals, retirees and families all have a place in the city and can take their pick of lifestyles. The climate does make it possible to indulge in a wide range of recreational activities from abseiling at Kangaroo point to shopping or dining in the city.

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Our Fixed Price Guarantee:

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