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Moving to Melbourne

Melbourne is a vibrant city located in the state of Victoria. The city is well-known as a cultural and artistic centre, and has been numbered among the world’s most liveable cities for many years running.

Melbourne is often said to be the artier and ‘cooler’ sister of Sydney, similar to Wellington’s reputation in New Zealand. With the Yarra River flowing through the heart of the city and bordering on Port Phillip, Melbourne boasts plenty of parks to relax in, whilst adrenaline-fuelled activities are always available for the more adventurous.

The city has plenty of 19th and 20th century architecture to explore, cuisine from just about any culture you can think of, and is known for its array of art galleries and public art installations.

Melbourne is also a thriving big city – the second-most populous in Australia, offering plenty of opportunities in the bustling finance, healthcare, research and tourism industries.

Hosier Lane Melbourne

Ausmove for your Melbourne Moving Needs

The most important decision you will have to make before moving to Melbourne is finding a reputable moving company that can handle the entire process without a glitch while still not exceeding your budget. At Ausmove, we will help you plan your relocation to Melbourne and offer assistance - even with packing up your personal effects in New Zealand and looking after them until they are dropped off at your new home in Melbourne.

We move domestic possessions and personal belongings, transport pets, ship cars and make provisions for long or short-term storage facilities. All these we undertake to ensure your relocation to Australia is easy and stress-free.

Affordable Shipping to Melbourne from New Zealand

You may be thinking, if Ausmove’s services are as excellent as everyone says, then they probably charge an arm and a leg. Well, this actually isn’t true at all. We offer more than affordable prices for our New Zealand to Melbourne shipping services. When we do business with you, you are guaranteed professional shipping services with fair prices. We know how financially draining moving from one country to another is, so, with Ausmove, there are no hidden charges as we operate a transparent pricing system.

Why Choose Ausmove for your Move to Melbourne

We know there are probably dozens of shipping companies in New Zealand that offer moving services to Melbourne and Australia as a whole, but here is why you should choose Ausmove.

For over 25 years, Ausmove has been in the business of moving Kiwis to different cities in Australia, leaving behind happy and satisfied clients. Apart from moving your domestic possessions and personal effects, we also offer the following services:

  • Professional parking
  • Door to door relocation
  • Pet moving
  • Car shipping
  • Free in-home consultation
  • Wine delivery
  • Heavy machinery shipping
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Long or short-term storage facilities
  • Air freight services

Get a Quote for Moving to Melbourne

Are you worried about the price range for moving to Melbourne? Don’t be. No matter your requirements, we offer a selection of options to choose from, so you get exactly what will suit your needs and your pockets. We offer no-obligation quotes which we can also adjust to suit your needs. Requesting a free quote takes less than a minute and is completely free, so get a quote now!

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Top Reasons to Move to Melbourne

If you’ve made the decision to move to Melbourne, you probably know how great a city Melbourne is, or else why would you be going there? If you are still contemplating whether you should move, here are some reasons why you should:

  1. Melbourne has been named the most liveable city in the world six years in a row. Who wouldn’t want to live there?
  2. Melbourne’s drinking water is among the world’s best and its air quality meets national environmental standards consistently.
  3. It is recognised as the #2 major city in human capital and lifestyle because of its highly-skilled workforce.
  4. It has a dynamic and driven business environment. More than a quarter of Australia’s financial services companies are located in Victoria.
  5. Melbourne is one of the most harmonious and culturally diverse communities in the world.

Disadvantages of Moving to Melbourne from New Zealand

As wonderful as Melbourne is, there may be some downsides to moving there, especially if you are not well-informed on what to expect. Some of the disadvantages are:

  1. The cost of living is high, including food, utilities and bills (however this is mostly offset by a higher average wage)
  2. The housing market in Melbourne is considered to be one of the most competitive in the world.
  3. Schools are expensive and competition is fierce.
  4. Private health insurance is expensive.

General Things to Consider When Moving To Melbourne

As you will be moving to Melbourne soon, it is only fair that you try to learn as much as you can about the city. The more you know about the city, the better prepared you will be for the move. This information will help you know where you are going to, which will hasten your acclimatisation and settling into the new environment.

Melbourne History

Flinders Street Station in Melbourne CBD

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, an Australian state. It was founded on the Yarra River in 1835 after a failed attempt to establish a settlement inside the port Philips bay heads near Sorrento in 1803. Melbourne experienced a boom in the 1850s as a result of the gold rush in the northern region. 90% of the gold mined in Australia in the 1850s came from Victoria. This led to a spike in its population, as a lot of people migrated to Victoria and Melbourne because of this gold.

The surge in wealth and the workforce cemented Melbourne’s future as a major city, and it developed into a major trade centre and one of the top economic powerhouses of Australia; a title which it still holds today.


Melbourne has the population of 4.8 million and is the second most populated state in Australia after Sydney. Research has projected that the population of Melbourne will reach 5 million by the end of June 2018. This calculation is based on the average growth rate of 3.83% over the last 7 years – starting from 2011. Melbourne’s growth rate has been very consistent over time, adding around 70,000 to 280,000 people each year to the overall population.


Australia has an exceptionally high standard when it comes to healthcare and Melbourne is no exception. To qualify for fully subsidised health care services, you must register with Medicare – a governmental organisation responsible for delivering public health services to Melbourne and Australian residents.

Apart from Medicare, the Australian government recommends having private health insurance to cover some services which Medicare does not. When you move to Melbourne, you will qualify for enrolment to Medicare and be entitled to free emergency hospital care. You can even transfer your insurance policy to Australia from New Zealand without penalty, if your insurance company is a member of the International Federation of Health Funds.


Melbourne’s economy is extremely strong. It made the list of the most affordable cities in the world to live in, taking the 15th position in 2012. Australia operates a cashless economy, encouraging its citizens to use credit or debit cards and online payments for purchases.

Before you travel to Melbourne, set up an Australian bank account. This will help you minimise the need for cash transactions as cash-based transactions and cheques are rapidly declining in popularity in Australia.


Melbourne has a temperate oceanic climate and is known for its unpredictable weather conditions. The changeable weather is due to Melbourne’s topographical and geographical location. There are severe cold fronts which can result in gales, hails, temperature drops, thunderstorms and heavy rain. Also, the summers have days of extreme heat which have increased in frequency with every passing year.

World Cup Final 2015 Birranung Marr Park Melbourne

Crime rate

Melbourne has a really low crime rate, which continues to decrease every year. Statistics released by the crime statistics agency in June 2018 showed a 9% reduction in the overall number of criminal incidents from the previous year. Residential burglaries have been at an all-time low for more than a decade and the rate of homicide is almost non-existent.

Notable Tourist Attractions

No matter what your inclination is - sports fan, art lover, foodie, nature enthusiast - you will find plenty to love in Melbourne. Some notable tourist attractions in Melbourne include:

  • Federation Square
  • Royal botanic gardens
  • Melbourne cricket ground and the National Sports Museum
  • Southbank and Arts Centre
  • National Gallery of Victoria

The Best Suburbs in Melbourne

If you do not know which Melbourne neighbourhood to call home, St Kilda West has been named Melbourne’s most lifestyle-friendly suburb because of its central location and proximity to the beach. Of course, this means that real estate there is a bit on the pricier side. If you do not have enough cash to spare for St Kilda West, other sought-after suburbs are:

  • Albert Park
  • Port Melbourne
  • Seaholme
  • South Melbourne
  • Spotswood

Your Guide for Moving to Melbourne from New Zealand

To ensure you do not forget or skip anything when moving from New Zealand to Melbourne, you have to make a checklist which you should consult from time to time. You also have to carry out some necessary research to ensure you do not get caught unaware at any stage of the immigration process. Some of the things to take note of include:

Immigration requirements

As a New Zealand citizen, you don’t need a visa to enter Australia. However, there are several things to take note of before moving to Melbourne. First of all, be sure that the things you are bringing with you are allowed in Australia. Also, you are required to obtain the necessary documents for the importation of certain goods such as vehicles, pets and firearms.

Also, every single belonging you are bringing into Australia must be thoroughly cleaned and free of dirt. Any sign of soil or dirt may mean that the items must be fumigated or quarantined, and the extra cost of this fumigation will be paid for by you. With Ausmove by your side, we will make sure all these rules are adhered to.

Approximate Transit Time to Melbourne

The estimated time for your shipment to reach Melbourne depends on your type of container. Generally, Sole Use Containers are faster than Shared containers. This is because the transit time for Shared Containers can vary because their shipping depends on having enough shipments to fill a container. That notwithstanding, we have regular shipping schedules which we adhere to:

For our Melbourne port: Sole Use Containers take approximately 4-6 weeks while Shared Containers take 4-8 weeks.

Packing Your Belongings

When packing your belongings, use standard quality materials to avoid them falling apart while in transit. You can contact our team of professionals to help you pack and organise every item accordingly, in a way that will preserve them from harm throughout the shipping period.

Storing Your Belongings

How and where you store your belongings, even after the move, will go a long way in keeping them safe from harm. There are items you may not need until you have moved into your permanent residence in Melbourne. Those items should be placed in a storage facility. At Ausmove, we offer sophisticated, state of the art storage services for your possessions, where they will stay until you need them.

self storage Large

Insuring Your Belongings

Even though we do not anticipate any unfavourable incidents, we recommend getting the right insurance coverage for your belongings. This will ensure you are protected in the event of any unpleasant circumstances and will also cover your loss according to the terms and conditions of your insurance. Ausmove offers Comprehensive Marine Insurance which is personalised to suit your situation and budget in the event of any damage.

Common Move Destinations

As enchanting as Melbourne is, there are a number of other common destinations favoured by Kiwis moving to Australia. They include:

  • Brisbane
  • Sydney
  • Adelaide
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Gold Coast
  • Perth
  • Cairns

Australian customs

The Australian Customs border control restricts what you can or cannot bring into the country. While some items are outright banned, some require permission or a licence before they can be allowed into the country, while some attract payment duty and tax. Ensure that whatever you are moving is considered acceptable by the Australian Customs border control to avoid having your possessions seized or you having to pay a fine.

Australian quarantine

The Australia Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) subjects every shipment to a thorough and extensive inspection and, if contaminated, fumigates or steam-cleans them. In the case they are prohibited, they are confiscated or destroyed. To avoid having your possessions destroyed or your pets quarantined, be sure your possessions are permitted and thoroughly cleaned before shipping. Also, make certain your pet is not rabid, dangerous, or a threatened species, else they will also be quarantined.

Shipping your car or motorcycle

A lot of people who move to another location would much rather have their vehicles with them instead of selling them off and buying new ones in their new location, usually for financial reasons. Because of this, we equally ship all kinds and models of cars, trucks or motorbikes to Melbourne. We will help you navigate the protocols involved in Australian vehicle importation and equally guide you through your import application with the Australian Infrastructure and Regional Development to ensure you can continue using your vehicle in your new Melbourne home.

Settling down

Kiwis who have moved from New Zealand to Melbourne say it is relatively easy to settle down in Melbourne. There may be difficulties in the first few months but, with time, you will not only adjust to the new environment but actually start feeling like a local. Due to the system in place, it is fairly easy for foreigners to acclimatise to the city.

House hunting

Melbourne has seen a surge in house prices over the past few years, mostly because of rapid population growth. There is a noticeable undersupply of good, quality housing, especially in the suburbs, leading to competition and high-priced houses. However, do not dismay. Even though there is a shortage of houses so to speak, apartments are plentiful. No matter the real estate dynamics, you can always find a suitable living arrangement in Melbourne.

Finding a job

Finding a job in Melbourne is relatively easy compared to most other cities. Melbourne has more than a handful of the world’s leading firms and a lot of flourishing small businesses too. Because of its strong economic force, Melbourne residents have a very high rate of employment, so you will not stay unemployed for long.

Depending on your profession, you may have to register or get a licence from a government authority or become a member of a professional body before you can find a job.

Recognition of NZ qualifications

In most cases, Melbourne recognises New Zealand qualifications. Depending on your profession, you may not have to take any further tests before you can be assimilated into the Melbourne workforce. New Zealanders who hold certain qualifications, or are registered to practice in certain occupations, are able to get their qualifications recognised in Melbourne and the rest of Australia under the Trans-Tasman mutual recognition agreement, without having to undergo further testing or examinations. However, this applies only to occupations that are required to be registered, licenced or approved in both Australia and New Zealand.


Australia Awards farewell ceremony at the University of Sydney Australia

If you are interested in studying, Melbourne has 9 universities where students can learn from outstanding teachers in world-class facilities. Apart from tertiary institutions, Melbourne also offers a remarkable learning experience in all tiers of education. Many universities in Melbourne are top-rated, and with New Zealand citizens being entitled to study in Australian tertiary institutions without requiring a student visa they will only be charged domestic fees rather than international student fees. However, kiwis are not eligible for student loans under the AU government scheme.

Finding a school for your kids in Melbourne

There are a lot of standard schools fit for your kids in Melbourne. At the end of the day, it depends on your child’s personality and strengths, your personal values, preferences and budget.

Living in Melbourne permanently

If you move to Melbourne and decide to live there permanently, you do not get automatic permanent residency status. Even though you can live, work or study in Melbourne for as long as you like, you have to apply for permanent residency to become an Australian citizen.

Studying in Melbourne

Cost of Moving to Melbourne

The cost of moving to Melbourne depends on how large your shipment is, whether you will be moving them via shared or sole container, whether you will need storage facilities or any other options we offer. Contact us so we can work out the exact cost of moving your belongings to Melbourne.

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For further information on moving to Melbourne please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or for immediate assistance call 09 360 4777.

Ausmove looks forward to being of service to you and your family.

How to simplify the move process

Ausmove is here at your service, ever ready to simplify the process. We offer different services ranging from professional parking to door-to-door delivery and storage services all aimed at making this process as easy for you as possible. Our ultimate goal is to give you peace of mind, so contact us today and let’s get started.

Moving only goods or special items? We can also help

Apart from your personal effects, we also move heavy machinery, vehicles, pets, wine and anything else you can think of. We can move your household items, heavy machinery and high-tech equipment regardless of their size to any location in Australia.


Where is the best place to live in Melbourne?

Some of the most sought-after places to live in Melbourne include St Kilda West, Albert Park, Port Melbourne, Seaholme and Spotswood.

Is there lots to do in the city?

Yes. Melbourne offers a huge range of regular events, great nightlife, sporting, music and arts to keep anyone occupied no matter what you like to do.

Will I experience any culture shock moving to Melbourne?

Not at all. Melbourne is known for its diverse multicultural population. More than 140 cultures are represented there and no matter your background, you will fit in nicely.

Why is Melbourne the most liveable city?

Melbourne's culture and environment components, along with many other factors according to the yearly Economist "liveable cities" survey have regularly featured Melbourne in the top spot. Find out more from The Economist.

How does Melbourne differ from Auckland?

Melbourne has cleaner and whiter beaches, more tourist centres, a better transport system, more aesthetically-pleasing architecture and an altogether greener environment than Auckland.

Our Fixed Price Guarantee:

Our Fixed Price Guarantee:

Unlike many other movers, we will provide you with a fixed quote based on your specific list of items.

Should you wish to add or remove any items, we will adjust our fixed quote accordingly. Hence, no nasty surprises at the end of the move process.

Our Service Promise:

Our Service Promise:

  • We will listen to your individual needs and requirements.
  • We will provide a prompt, competitive quote with in one working day.
  • We will provide you with the highest level of service.
Free In-Home Consultation:

Free In-Home Consultation:

If you are moving the majority of your household items, one of our experienced moving consultants will visit your home to establish your specific packing requirements and any unique moving needs.

Let Ausmove make your move to Australia easy and stress-free.

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