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Sydney Harbour Bridge

Thinking of moving to Australia? With beautiful beaches, great weather, vibrant cities, fantastic job opportunities, and friendly locals all at your doorstep it’s no wonder over 600,000 kiwis now call Australia home. 

Ranked as one of the most liveable countries in the world there is something for everyone. Whether you’re wanting to further your studies or career, start a family, or retire Australia is waiting for you. 

If you’re planning a move across the ditch, here are our top 5 places to live in Australia! 

The Gold Coast

As far as cities go, the Gold Coast is Australia’s biggest playground. Great weather all year round, a bunch of famous beaches to choose from, the country’s best theme parks… what more can we say? The Gold Coast is one of the most fun places to live in Australia, with its constantly lively atmosphere and fun-loving people. Today, we’re going to give you our top five reasons to trade New Zealand for the Gold Coast, and who to consult if you’re thinking of making the move.

Sydney waterfront

Feel like a taste of Australia’s biggest city? Moving to Sydney is the dream for many Kiwis, who want a world of job opportunities, amazing weather and internationally famous beaches all at their doorstep. If you’re intent on calling Sydney home, you probably don’t need much convincing… but, nevertheless, here are our top 5 reasons to hang your hat in Sydney!

Sunshine Coast

Imagine this: you wake up in the middle of winter and, instead of shivering underneath your quilt, not wanting to get up, you rise with a smile on your face, head down to the beach and get an early morning dip in before you start work. This kind of life is calling your name – it’s calling from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.


Perfect weather, a bustling, vibrant city, and plenty of job opportunities – where else could we be talking about other than Perth, Western Australia? An underdog city with a not-so-underdog size, Perth is fast-growing and ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world. If you’re thinking of becoming a Perthite, we could probably give you a hundred reasons to do so. Perthites themselves could give you thousands, being such a proud bunch. But let’s keep it simple, hey? Here’s our top five!

Newcastle Australia

Move over, Sydney! There’s a new kid in town. Newcastle is known for its funky vibe, stunning beaches, affordable housing and relaxed atmosphere compared to its bigger sister of Sydney. Many Sydneysiders, who are tired of the skyrocketing house prices and chaotic energy of Australia’s biggest town, are packing up relocating a couple of hours north to Newcastle. So, if you’ve been thinking of living or working in Newie, why shouldn’t you just skip that Sydney phase and go straight there? Here are our top five reasons to move to Newcastle from NZ.


Love arts and culture? Want more job opportunities? Avid foodie and lover of different cuisines? Melbourne sounds like your jam. As Australia’s second biggest city, Melbourne is recognised as one of the best places to live in the world. Ideal for singles, couples, families and retirees, Melbourne welcomes everybody with open arms. In this post, we’re going to outline just five of the one billion reasons to move to Melbourne, and who to call if you’re keen on doing so.


Want to be super close to Melbourne, but keep an arms length away for a quieter lifestyle? Feel like having some of Australia’s most beautiful coastline at your doorstep? Don’t want to overpay when buying or renting a house? You and Geelong were meant for each other. This fast-growing coastal city is the second biggest town in Victoria, with Melburnians flocking there to escape the headaches of a big city. We’re sure you’re already well aware of how cool Geelong is but, just in case, we’re going to give you an extra five top reasons to call Geelong home.


If you’re keen on experiencing an Aussie city that feels like it’s a world away from the rest of Australia, then Darwin could be the place you’re looking for. Hot weather and amazing sunsets all year round, secret waterholes in gorgeous national parks, tropical fruit wherever you turn… Darwin sounds like it’s pretty much a paradise, right? Now, throw in the high paying jobs and friendly people to sweeten the deal! Here are our top five reasons to move to Darwin, which we had trouble narrowing down.

Central Coast

Awesome location, beautiful weather, affordable housing and a uniquely coastal atmosphere… could we be talking about anywhere else but the Central Coast? For many years, the Central Coast has remained a great secret amongst the locals – but the word is starting to get around. The Central Coast is the perfect place to live if you want all the perks of Sydney without being caught up in its hustle and bustle. We’ll talk more about the Central Coast, what makes it so great and who to ask about moving there!


Love waking up to crisp, fresh air? Want to be in close proximity to Australia’s best ski fields? Want to get anywhere within 20 minutes? Canberra is Australia’s capital city and it can offer all of those things and more. A green, leafy city with a peaceful vibe and plenty to see and do, Canberra is ideal for lots of different types of people: from young professionals to young families, retirees and more. Here are our top five reasons for moving to Canberra and who to call if you’re keen to do it!


If you’re put off by the general hype, huge populations and housing prices of Sydney and Melbourne, let’s introduce you to Australia’s third largest city: Brisbane. It’s a place that enjoys picturesque weather, fantastic beaches and liveliness without being too hectic. Brisbane’s population is less than half of Sydney or Melbourne’s, sitting at a comfortable 2.3 million. So, if you’re already a little curious, let’s delve deeper. Here are five top reasons to move to Brisbane.

Our Fixed Price Guarantee:

Our Fixed Price Guarantee:

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Our Service Promise:

Our Service Promise:

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Free In-Home Consultation:

Free In-Home Consultation:

If you are moving the majority of your household items from New Zealand to Australia, one of Ausmoves experienced relocation consultants will visit your home to establish your specific packing requirements and any unique moving needs. Learn more about moving to Australia from NZ.

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