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Tasmania, or Tassie as it’s known to locals, is Australia’s only island state, more remote than the mainland, with spectacular nature, wildlife and the cleanest air in the whole world. As a Kiwi moving to Tassie, you will find a lot of similarities and it will be relatively easy to settle in.

Tasmania is known for its raw beauty, verdant forests, sparkling coastlines and lakes, and some unique wildlife found nowhere else in the world (you might be able to see a Tasmanian Devil in the wild). Choosing to move to Tasmania means you are looking for a laidback lifestyle and are seeking an outdoorsy life.

In terms of the job market, mining, agriculture, fishing, forestry and tourism are the top sectors in Tasmania. If you are willing to head out of the capital city of Hobart and the other bigger cities up north, then you are likely to find vacancies, as many folks prefer not to head into rural or remote spots. Kiwis can move to Australia quite easily, what with the special category visa (SCV), and a lot of reciprocity and similarity between the neighbouring nations. 

How to obtain a visa to live and work in Tasmania

One of the major concerns when migrating to another country is the visa process. Australia makes it easy for its neighbours to come set up home and work in the country. Now that you have made the choice to head across to Tasmania, you will want to get employment. Australia issues Kiwis with an SCV, or a Special Category Visa, which gives you the ability to apply for jobs and begin working in Australia. The visa is issued to New Zealanders on arrival in Australia, and it is considered a temporary, unprotected category visa. The SCV does not lead to permanent residency nor can you work as a full time employee in the military or public service positions without Australian citizenship.

However, the SCV allows you to work, study, retire and live in Australia for however long you want. If you wish to become a permanent resident in Australia or work in a field where being a citizen is a requirement, then you should consider applying under the Skilled Workers or Skilled Independent visa category. You can register with the Aussie Skill Select Database, a point based system that awards points based on education, age, work experience, desirable skills (in Australia) and so on. If you have skills that are considered to be in short supply or high in demand in Australia, then your road to permanent residency and citizenship will be fast tracked.

Getting the necessary accounts and papers in place

One advantage you have as a Kiwi moving to Tassie, is that you can get things like opening a bank account sorted even before you arrive in Australia. This means you can hit the ground running and not worry about having to carry or exchange money or pay fees on your New Zealand cards to use them in Australia. Plus, having your bank account in place makes it easier to get your salary deposited, pay rent or put a down payment on a place to live.

In order to open an account in a bank (and some banks allow for you to do this remotely before you leave New Zealand as long as you can furnish details pertaining to your employment and date of arrival in Tasmania) you should have the required documents and proofs on hand, like passport, driver’s licence, lease contracts, electric or telephone bills.

The other required thing you need to apply for as soon as you arrive in Tasmania, as someone who will be working there, is a Tax File Number or TFN. Similar to the New Zealand IRD number, this is what you need to submit to your employer so that they can pay the necessary taxes for you. It’s all quite simple and similar to what you are used to in New Zealand – the taxation rules and regulations aren’t very different. Now do keep in mind that applying for your TFN is a top priority, as you will be charged taxes at a higher rate until you can provide the Australian tax department with this. And do remember to let the IRD know about your move to the neighbouring country, before you head out of New Zealand.

Like in New Zealand, Australia too has laws that govern fair wage, overtime and allowances, put in place for all those who are employed in the country. Australia’s National Employment Standards (NES) dictate that all employees are eligible for annual, sick, and casual leave.

Finding a job in Tasmania

The pace of life in Tasmania is slower than a lot of the rest of Australia – more in keeping with what you are likely used to as a Kiwi. That being said, the job market in Tasmania won’t be quite as competitive or vibrant as in Sydney, Perth or Melbourne. There are sites online to help get you started on your job search, and you will likely find more opportunities in the big cities of Hobart and Launceston.

But if you are willing and able to head out to the more remote regions of Tasmania, you are likely to get some special opportunities as positions tend to go unfilled due to the remoteness of the location. And there are usually lots of jobs in the tourism sector, since Tasmania is a favoured vacation and travel destination even amongst Aussies.

If you’re interested in seasonal work, ski resorts in the winter and orchards/farms for fruit picking and harvesting are good options as they are always looking for workers. Anyone with experience with fishing trawlers and fisheries can also find employ in Tasmania.

Getting around the island

Tasmania has limited choices when it comes to public transportation, especially if you are living and working in the more remote regions of the island state. Having a car is a good idea and getting a driver’s license is pretty simple. If you are in the cities, there is a public bus system that you can use. Do keep in mind that there may be different timetables for weekdays and weekends and some routes are better connected/serviced than others.

Our Fixed Price Guarantee:

Our Fixed Price Guarantee:

Unlike many other movers, we will provide you with a fixed quote based on your specific list of items.

Should you wish to add or remove any items, we will adjust our fixed quote accordingly. Hence, no nasty surprises at the end of the move process.

Our Service Promise:

Our Service Promise:

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Free In-Home Consultation:

Free In-Home Consultation:

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